Close-up image of a leopards eyes.



and the Environment in Namibia


A magnificient male lion against a blue sky.
Dave Ward wearing a sunhat and with a pair of binoculars around his neck, smiling at the camera.
A group of children scramble up a rocky riverbed.
Closeup of a giraffe looking out the side of a capture truck.
A group of six elephants wading in and drinking from a dam.
Stunning orange-lit clouds and a rain storm.
Close-up of a seal and pup wrapped in plastic line.
A woman sits smiling on the ground, surrounded by green plants.
A leopard stands under a dead tree.
Drone footage showing the vast contrast between bush-encroached and non-encroached land.
Three colourfully dressed San ladies holding woven baskets and smiling at the camera.
Close up of two lions, one of whom is roaring, or possibly yawning.
An aerial view of a long line of cattle walking across a shallow pan.
Orupupa Lion Ranger Kavekaetua Tjauira monitoring Hobatere lions.
Flamingoes in water in the foreground, with a tall tree and wildebeest in the background.
Black and white image of zebra at a waterhole..

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