An adult pangolin carrying a baby pangolin.

© Kelsey Prediger


and the Environment in Namibia


A live pangolin in the boot of a car.
A pangolin wearing a GPS tracker walks towards a waterhole.
A young vet watches as a giraffe runs into the distance.
A leopard and a honey badger face off.
An aerial view of a fairy forest.
Close-up of a black rhino.
Artwork of a resting pangolin.
A group on horseback watching an elephant.
Two lions looking towards the camera
The front cover of the Atlas of Namibia.
A woman in blue overalls looks intently at a dense thicket of vegetation.
A group of very happy young Namibians.
A dead bird caught amongst powerlines.
Close-up of a vine snake.
Close-up of a vine snake.
A vast solar farm in the desert.

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