An elephant walks through a golden woodland.

© Christin Winter


and the Environment in Namibia


A leopard stalks its prey
A woman crafter and her baskets.
Two rangers on patrol
An elephant on a dirt road and facing the camera.
Side view of an elephant
An albatross glides over the ocean waves.
A cape fur seal barking at two others.
Two men gazing across a vast mountain landscape.
A pangolin burrowing in the earth.
A cheetah looking towards the camera
A lion turning to face the camera.
A close-up of the head of an African wild dog.
A close up of a Belgian Malinois dog.
Overhead view of a complex river system running through grasslands.
Green plants growing on the rocky shoreline of a dam.
A man carrying a plastic box and a pair of braai tongs moves cautiously through thick spiny bushes.
A red-sandy shoreline.


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